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Publish Date Book Title Authors Extracted Chapters Publishers ISSN(ISBN)
2023/02 Power Generation Technologies for Low-Temperature and Distributed Heat (Editor: Christos Markides, Imperial College London) Tien-Kan (TK) Chung 5.2 Thermomagnetic Generators and 5.3 Pyroelectric Generators Elsevier
科技部科學發展月刊566期 Chia-Hung Dylan Tsai 微流體晶片的應用 – 細胞機械特性的量測 科技部
2017/08 Hyper Bio Assembler for 3D Cellular Systems Chia-Hung Dylan Tsai Ch.2 Dimensionless Evaluation of Cell Deformability with High Resolution Positioning in a Microchannel Springer Japan 978-4-431-55297-0
Digital Mechanics of Materials Jia-Lin Tsai /Jia-Lin Tsai
Two-Phase Flow Pressure Change across Sudden Contraction and Expansion in Small channels Chi-Chuan Wang /Chi-Chuan Wang Advances in Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer, Vol. 3, pp. 70-104, L. Cheng and D. Mewes eds., Bentham Science Publishers Ltd.
"Dynamic Failure of Materials and Structures" Jia-Lin Tsai /Jia-Lin Tsai Dynamic Compressive Strengths of Polymeric Composites: Testing and Modeling
Heat exchanger design Chi-Chuan Wang /Chi-Chuan Wang Five-South Publishing 978-957-11-4764-2
Forward-looking and comprehensive technology Chi-Chuan Wang /Chi-Chuan Wang 2007 Energy Technology Research and Development White Paper, chapter 5, Section III, pp. 391-406. Five Southern Press 978-986-01-1702-8
Micro-electro-mechanical actuators using confined polymers LAU, Gih Keong /Lau G-K Delft University of Technology 978-90-9022531-9
"Design, Fabrication and Control of Micro-Actuators for Dual-Stage Servo Systems in Magnetic Disk Files" Tsung-Lin Chen ,R. Horowitz, T. Chen, Y. Li, K. Oldham A chapter in Nanotechnology Handbook, Edit. Bharat Bushan