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 The Mechanical Engineering Department at National Chiao Tung University(NCTU) has celebrated its the 42nd anniversary in lieu of Taiwan's evolution into a manufacturing, operations, and financial center for the Asia-Pacific Region. Global economics increasingly focus on accelerated development within the Region. In effectively responding to such developments, the Mechanical Engineering Department has played an instrumental role in fostering the local mechanical industry through its participation in national construction projects.


 Established in 1976, the Department began offering masters and doctoral degrees in 1982 and 1984, respectively, along with its undergraduate program further expanded in the fall of 1985. The Department's curriculum emphases include production, design, thermal engineering, fluid dynamics, solid dynamics and control. Tentative plans to add mechatronics and auto-production to the curriculum emphases correspond to efforts to further advance precision machinery and, ultimately, facilitate Taiwan's vision of becoming an Asian-Pacific production center. Among the other areas of priority concern within the curriculum include fire safety engineering, precision machining and micro fabrication, MEMS, control and semi-conductor manufacturing.


 Twenty professors, five associate professors, and seven assistant professor comprise the Department's faculty. With their unique areas of expertise and pedagogical orientations, faculty members actively pursue diversified research interests. Notable examples of the staff's exemplary performance include the following: outstanding(three members) and excellent research(more than eight members), as recognized by the National Science Council of The Republic of China; outstanding engineering professors(four members), as cited by either the China Institute of Engineering or the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering; and excellent university teaching(four members), as recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China. Another faculty member belongs to the editorial board of an international academic journal. Each faculty member engages in an average of two research projects annually. Cumulative research funding within the Department reaches more than 1.5 million US dollars annually. Nearly 70% of the funding come from research projects, collaboration with local industry, and technical services.


While embracing the achievements of its faculty and students, the Mechanical Engineering Department of NCTU diligently strives to excel in teaching and research, as well as expand its involvement in technical services and national construction projects. Visitors are wholeheartedly encouraged to visit our facilitates and inquire of current scholarly activities, collaboration, and academic exchanges.