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Sponsor and donation

Use for the donations:



Donations from alumni are earmarked funds (put in a specific account) to be used for “student scholarships” (including emergency assistance funds) and as “relevant funds for practical courses”.




Donation Procedure:



Alumni may use the following donation methods to give their share to an account set up by the university for this purpose. Fill up the “Donation Form” and fax (FAX: 03-5735002) or mail it to the university’s Strategic Development Office (Address: No. 1001, Da Xue Road, Hsinchu City). Remember to check “Donated to the Department of Mechanical Engineering”.




Forms of Donation:



1. Cash donation:



Alumni may bring cash donations personally to the university or send them through postal cash envelope. Contact the university’s Strategic Development Office (03-5712121, ext. 50056) and request the office to send a person to get the donation.




2. Cheque/post office money order:



Please make out the cheque to “National Chiao Tung University;” and on the back write “non-endorsable” and send together with the donation form to the university personally or through registered mail.




3. Postal wire transfer:



Account name: National Chiao Tung University



Wire Transfer Account #: 19403386




4. Bank transfer:



Account name: National Chiao Tung University



Bank: Yushan Bank, Hsinchu Branch



Account #: 95500160500551




5. ATM transfer:



Bank code is “808” (Yushan Bank, Hsinchu Branch); account #: 95500160500551



6. Credit card donation: Please fill in the credit card information on the “Donation Form” and send the form to the university by fax or mail.




Issuing receipts:



The university will issue official receipts for all donations for tax purposes. All donors are required to fill the “Donation Form” and fax it to 03 – 5735002 or mail to the university’s Strategic Development Office to confirm receipt of the donation and for the university to make sure that they have the correct donor name and address to send the receipt.