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Course introduction of the PhD

Required credits for graduation: PhD students are required to have a minimum of 18 credits to graduate; for those going directly to PhD programs, 36 credits are required.


Seminar Discussions: The department’s PhD students are required to take at least four semesters of “Seminar Discussions” classes.


Test of Basic competency for the program: Each group of PhD students has a required test of basic competency for specific subjects. Every PhD student should pass this test; hence it is recommended that he or she choose these subjects first.


Other program regulations: 
Minimum period of study 2 years
Required number of credits 18 credits (Not including credits for English-related courses, as well as accredited and exempted courses except for PhD students who have retaken admission examination because of failure to graduate within the specified program timeframe)
Required credits for going directly to PhD program 36 credits (including master degree credits)
Relevant regulations for required courses and graduation eligibility

1. At least four semesters of “Seminar Discussions” course (make a report at least once during the Seminar Discussions class)

2. Test of basic competency: In accordance with the academic brochure for the year the PhD student is admitted.
Remarks Other matters not covered shall be handled in accordance with the “Guidelines for PhD Students.”
Note. The department has not established an affiliate institute at the moment.