Journal Paper

Year Paper Title Authors Journal Title Issue.No Level Type
2023 Wearable Wireless Magnetic-Reluctance-Based Pressure Sensing Module for Intraoral Pressure Monitoring Tien-Kan (TK) Chung ,Mayank Kohli#, Li-Fang Hsu# (#Co-First Author), Chin-Chung Chen, Chung-Chen Jane Yao, Tien-Kan Chung* IEEE Transactions on Magnetics (RF:98/159=61.3%, PHYSICS, APPLIED, IF:2.1) (SCI)
2022 Field cycling behavior and breakdown mechanism of ferroelectric Al0.78Sc0.22N films Tien-Kan (TK) Chung ,Sung-Lin Tsai, Takuya Hoshii, Hitoshi Wakabayashi, Kazuo Tsutsui, Tien-Kan Chung, Edward Yi Chang and Kuniyuki Kakushima  Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (SCI)
2022 Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to Classify Cold Atmospheric-pressure Plasma Jet Discharge Current Yun-Chien Cheng ,Jerry Chang, Po-Han Niu, Chin-Wen Chen, Yun-Chien Cheng* IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2022, (SCI Ranking= 24/36=0.66, Physics, IF: 1.268).
2022 Convolutional Neural Network for Early Pulmonary Embolism Detection via Computed Tomography Pulmonary Angiography Yun-Chien Cheng ,Ching-Yuan Yu, Ming-Che Chang, Yun-Chien Cheng*, Chin Kuo* arXiv:2204.03204
2022 Feature-enhanced Adversarial Semi-supervised Semantic Segmentation Network for Pulmonary Embolism Annotation Yun-Chien Cheng ,Ting-Wei Cheng, Jerry Chang, Ching-Chun Huang, Chin Kuo*, Yun-Chien Cheng* arXiv:2204.04217
2022 Computerized Tomography Pulmonary Angiography Image Simulation using Cycle Generative Adversarial Network from Chest CT imaging in Pulmonary Embolism Patients Yun-Chien Cheng ,Chia-Hung Yang, Yun-Chien Cheng*, Chin Kuo* arXiv:2205.08106
2022 Detecting Pulmonary Embolism from Computed Tomography Using Convolutional Neural Network Yun-Chien Cheng ,Chia-Hung Yang, Yun-Chien Cheng*, Chin Kuo* arXiv:2206.01344, 2022
2022 Establishing an Equivalent Circuit of a Quasihomogeneous Discharge Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet with a Breakdown-Voltage-Controlled Breaker and Power-Supply Circuit Yun-Chien Cheng ,Shih-Sen Huang, Hsing-Che Tsai, Jerry Chang, Po-Chun Huang, Yun-Chien Cheng*, Jong-Shinn Wu* Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2022, (SCI Ranking=44/155=0.28, ESI Ranking 22/315=0.07, Physics, IF: 3.207)
2022 Large area, rapid, and protein-harmless protein–plasma-polymerized-ethylene coating with aerosol-assisted remote atmospheric-pressure plasma deposition Yun-Chien Cheng ,Chu-Hao Yang, Chun-Ping Hsiao, Jerry Chang, Hsin-Yu Lo, and Yun-Chien Cheng* Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2022, (SCI Ranking=44/155=0.28, ESI Ranking 22/315=0.07, Physics, IF: 3.207)
2022 Using DeepLab v3+ based Semantic Segmentation to Evaluate Platelet Activation Yun-Chien Cheng ,Tsung-Chen Kuo, Ting-Wei Cheng, Ching-Kai Lin, Ming-Che Chang, Kuang-Yao Cheng, Yun-Chien Cheng* Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 60:1775–1785, (SCI Ranking= 68/142=0.47, Computer science, interdisciplinary applications, IF: 2.602).