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Career direction

I. Further education: In terms of further education, aside from the department’s own graduate school, other fields of study such as electronics, optics, aviation, management, and others need the talents of students with a background in mechanics. Moreover, options are not limited to local institutions; studying abroad is a good choice since Chiao Tung works with many international topnotch universities. However, the premise is that students have already put a lot of efforts in their four years of studying at the department.

II. Employment: Indispensable in both traditional and high tech industries, students with a mechanical engineering background need not worry about employment. Many leading corporations in the country come to the university to recruit students before graduation (like Asus, Acer, etc.). Furthermore, interested potential employers also include electronics companies, automotive, aviation, and shipbuilding companies, various railway companies (TRA, THSRC, and the MRT), factories in different industries, the Academia Sinica, ITRI, and a host of other business and non-profit entities. Each of them is waiting for students from this department to work for them and bring the professional knowledge and skills they have acquired to the job.

III. Join us: As conducive to learning as the department is, with its comprehensive resources, it still lacks something: your participation. The faculty and student body of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Chiao Tung University look forward to your enthusiasm and interest in developing your skills to the maximum, allowing it to shine because of your outstanding performance.