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Course introduction of the Master

Number of credits for graduation: The minimum credits required for the master degree of this department is 24 credits.


Students enrolled in the master degree programs should take the “Seminar Discussions” class every semester (for a maximum of four semesters).


Courses offered in the department’s graduate school are all electives. Before students make their final selections, they should consult with their faculty advisors on which relevant courses to take. Priority should be given to professional courses under the student’s group (design, thermal or solid control).


Other program regulations:

Minimum period of study One year
Required academic credits 24 credits (not including English related program credits)
Relevant regulations for required courses and graduation eligibility “Seminar Discussions” class every semester (maximum of four semesters) 
Notes Other matters not covered shall be handled in accordance with the department’s “Guidelines for Graduate School and Master Degree Students”
Note: The department will not be establishing an affiliate institute at the moment.