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Prof. Yao-Hsien Liu deserve the Young Mechanics Scholar Award 2019 3345
congratulate! University students Peng Xuanru, Ke Anan, Guo Jinzhang, Zheng Jieying participated in the "22nd TDK Cup National College Creative Design and Production Contest" won the remote control group selection 4430
Congratulate!!Teacher Wu Zongxin instructs doctoral student Wu Muqian to be awarded the 108th Annual "Subsidy for PhD Students to Study Abroad" by the Ministry of Science and Technology-a grant of 600,000 yuan to Tohoku University for one-year research 4422
Congratulate! Teacher Stone Cheng's textbook compilation of the Department of Education awarded the advanced equipment industry personnel training plan selection of excellent textbook first 2014 years! 917
Congratulate! Wuzong Xin Liu Zhidong doctoral instructor, Dr. Yang Yiwei get 2015 graduate of Science "doctoral \ postdoctoral research abroad" award aid 960
Congratulate! Wuxiong Fu Chen graduate teachers and guidance forbearance, Wangyuan Ying, Huang Yun won the 2014 "Mechanical Papers Award" second Republic of China Society of Mechanics 19
Congratulate! Chenqing Yao Li won doctoral instructor ROC Society of Mechanics 2014 heat energy group, "Doctoral Dissertation Award" 24
Congratulate! Zhongyu Hao Xu Wenxiang instructor Master in Technology Society Foundation awarded 2014 annual "Technology Scholarship ─ Technology Innovation Award." 18
Congratulate! Cui Yanyong instructor doctoral Lin Shiwen won the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, "Doctoral Dissertation Award," the first 2014 years 19
Chenqing Yao was elected teacher of the course of the first global open door and courses Education Alliance Taiwan first opened the door to a global platform of edX 11