LAU, Gih Keong
Name LAU, Gih Keong
Email mgklau(at)
Office Tel No. 886-3-5712121 Ext.55107
Title Professor
Phone 886-3-5712121 Ext.55107
Office Room 463, Engineering Building 5
Web Page
Web Page Bio-inspired Robotics Lab.
Laboratory Room 428, Engineering Building 5
Division Solid Mechanics-Control Engineering
Teaching Area Current: Engineering mechanics, Dynamics, Vibration, Finite element method for mulitidisplinary applications, Bio-inspired soft robotics
Previous: Solid mechanics and vibration, Micro-electro-mechanical-systems
Research Expertise Dr Lau’s research interests include micro-electro-mechanical systems, electroactive polymer actuator, soft robots, compliant mechanisms, flapping-wing micro air vehicles, tunable optics and acoustics.  His research efforts have  addressed the challenges in micro-actuators, electro-active polymer actuators, soft and aerial robotics, and smart windows. He has developed methods and theory to  advance the mechanics and science of actuators. His invention of powerful polymeric thermal micro-actuator was praised by industry as an disruptive technology for autofocus of the smartphone camera.  He first developed soft dielectric fingers capable of nimbly pinching a raw egg yolk. He first developed a low-cost high performance window device by surface micro-wrinkling of soft elastomer capacitor. He first showed that the motor drive of flapping wings  can be more efficient than that of spinning propeller.   
Country School Name Department Degree
Netherlands Delft University of Technology Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.
Singapore Nanyang Technological University Mechanical Engineering M.S.
Singapore Nanyang Technological University Mechanical Engineering B.S.
Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
National Chiao Tung University Department of Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor 2019.02 ~ Up to today
Nanyang Technological University School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Assistant Professor 2008.02 ~ 2019.02
Delft University of Technology School of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, Department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering 研究員(修讀博士期間) 2004.01 ~ 2007.12
Year Project Title Participator Job Title Period Unit
2019 Enhanced dielectric elastomeric muscles for soft robots Principal Investigator 2019.09 ~ 2022.08
2019 Robotic Dragonfly with Tandem X wings Principal Investigator 2019.06 ~ 2019.12
Year Paper Title Authors Journal Title Issue.No
2020 A stunt flying hawk-inspired drone Lau, G.-K. Science robotics 47
2020 Efficient flapping wing drone arrests high-speed flight using post-stall soaring Chin, Y.W., Kok, J.-M., Zhu, Y.-Q., Chan, W.-L., Chahl, J. S., Khoo, B., C., Lau, G.-K. Science Robotics 44
2020 Radial and tangential velocity effects of a probed scanning mirror on laser Doppler frequency shift Agusanto, K., Lau, G.-K., Liu, T., Zhu, C.-G. Applied Optics 12
2019 Effect of oblique retroreflection from a vibrating mirror on laser Doppler shift Agusanto, K.*, Lau, G.K., Liu, T. and Zhu, C. Applied Optics 9
2018 Spring-assisted motorized transmission for efficient hover by four flapping wings Chin, Y.W.*, Ang, Z., Luo, Y., Chan, W.L., Chahl, J.S. and Lau, G.K. Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics 6
2018 Smart Window Based on Electric Unfolding of Microwrinkled TiO2 Nanometric Films Shrestha Milan, Anand Asundi, Lau Gih-Keong ACS Photonics 8
2018 Transparent tunable acoustic absorber membrane using inkjet printed PEDOT: PSS thin-film compliant electrodes Milan Shrestha, Zhenbo Lu, Gih-Keong Lau ACS applied materials & interfaces 46
2018 Event-triggered control for a saturated nonlinear system with prescribed performance and finite-time convergence Zheng Z, Lau G-K, Xie L International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 17
2017 Theoretical and Practical Investigation into the Use of a Bio-Inspired ‘‘Click’’ Mechanism for the Flight Motor of an MAV Tang, B., Meng, X, Zhang, F, Brennan, M.J. Lau, G. K., Wang, Z., Feng, L., International Journal of Micro Air Vehicles 2
2017 Dielectric elastomer fingers with strength for nimble pinching Lau G.K., Heng, K.M.*, Ahmed, A.*, Shrestha M Applied Physical Letters 19
2017 Electrically tunable and broader-band sound absorption by using micro-perforated dielectric elastomer actuator Lu, Z.B., Shrestha, M.*, Lau, G.K. Applied Physical Letters 18
2017 Ink-jet printing of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) Lau G-K, Shrestha, M. Micromachines 6
2016 Inhibiting electro-thermal breakdown of acrylic dielectric elastomer actuators by dielectric gel coating La, T. G.*, and Lau, G. K. Applied Physics Letters 1
2016 The effect of asymmetrical flapping on the aerodynamic efficiency of insect-inspired MAVs Kok JM, Lau GK, Chahl J Journal of Aircraft 3
2016 Electro-thermally activated rotary micro-positioner for slider-level dual-stage positioning in hard disk drives Lau G-K, Yang J, Tan CP, Chong N-B Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering
2016 Tunable window device based on micro-wrinkling of nanometric zinc-oxide thin film on elastomer. Shrestha, M.* and Lau G. K. Optics Letters 19
2016 Stronger multilayer acrylic dielectric elastomer actuators with silicone gel coatings. Lau, G.K., La, T.G*., Foong, E. S.W.*, Shrestha, M.* Smart Mater. Struct.
2015 Large axial actuation of pre-stretched tubular dielectric elastomer and use of oil encapsulation to enhance dielectric breakdown strength Lau, G.K., Tan, D.D.T*, La, T.G*. Smart Materials and Structures 4
2015 Microscopically Crumpled Indium-Tin-Oxide Thin Films as Compliant Electrodes with Tunable Transmittance Ong, H.-Y.*, Shrestha, M.*, and Lau, G.K. Applied Physics Letters 13
2014 Lightweight mechanical amplifiers for rolled dielectric elastomer actuators and their integration with bio-inspired wing flappers Lau GK, Lim HT*, Teo JY*, Chin YW* Smart Structures and Materials,
2014 Can DC motors directly drive flapping wings at high frequency and large wing strokes Campolo D, Azhar M, Lau G K, Sitti M IEEE-ASME Transactions on Mechatronics
2014 Muscle-like high-stress dielectric elastomer actuators with oil capsules La, T. G*., Lau, G. K., Shiau, L. L.*, & Tan, A. W. Y.* Smart Materials and Structure 10
2014 Dipteran-insect-inspired thoracic mechanism with nonlinear stiffness to save inertial power of flapping-wing flight Lau, G. K., Chin, Y. W.*, Goh, J. W.*, & Wood, R. J. IEEE Transactions on Robotics 5
2014 Bi-axially crumpled silver thin-film electrodes for dielectric elastomer actuators Low, S. H*., & Lau, G. K. Smart Materials and Structures 12
Year Paper Title Authors Conference Name Location
2019 Humidity Sensors based on Dielectric Elastomer Activation Using PEDOT:PSS Thin Film Electrodes Shrestha M., Lu Z.B., Lau, G.K. ICSS 2019 International Conference on Smart Sensors Hsinchu, Taiwan
2018 Inkjet printing of transparent and stretchable electrodes for dielectric elastomer actuator” Shrestha M., Lu Z.B., Lau, G.K. “, , Singapore, 14-17 May 2018 the Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on PRO-AM Progress in Additive Manufacturing Singapore
Publish Date Book Title Authors Extracted Chapters Publishers ISSN(ISBN)
Micro-electro-mechanical actuators using confined polymers Lau G-K Delft University of Technology 978-90-9022531-9
Publish Date Patent Title Authors Patent Number Patent Country
2017/09/07 MEMS device for lens barrel positioning Chong NB, Lim CY, Chen ZY, Lau GK, and Zhu CG US20170254978A1 US
2008/03/05 Thermische actuator Lau GK, Chu Duc T , Goosen JFL, Sarro PM, van Keulen A NL2000209 Netherlands
Year Award Name Awarding Unit Honor Category
2019 2019 NTU Long Service Award Nanyang Technological University Inside School Honors
2019 2019 Junior Chair Professor Award National Chiao Tung University Inside School Honors
2017 2017 MAE Service Award School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Inside School Honors
2015 2015 Tan Chin Tuan Fellowship Nanyang Technological University Inside School Honors
2006 2006 Best poster award The 17th Workshop on Micromechanics Europe (MME06) Outside School Honors
2005 2005 Best Poster award the 16th Workshop on Micromechanics Europe (MME05) Outside School Honors
1998 1998 Meinhardt Book Prize School of Mechanical and Production Engineering, Nanyang Technological University Inside School Honors
1996 1996-1997 Kuok Foundation Studentship, Kuok Foundation Outside School Honors