Year 2013
Authors Tien-Kan (TK) Chung ,Tien-Kan Chung*, Hao Lee, Chia-Yung Tseng, Wen-Tuan Lo, Chieh-Min Wang, Wen-Chin Wang, Chi-Jen Tu, Pri-Yuan Tasi, and Jui-Wen Chang
Paper Title Self-Powered Wireless Vibration-Sensing System for Machining Monitoring
Conference Name 2013 SPIE Conference on Smart Structures and Materials + Nondestructive Evaluation and Health Monitoring (Smart Structures/NDE)
Location San Diego, USA
Peroid Mar. 10-14, 2013
Paper Type Oral Report
Paper Level EI
Sponsor SPIE
Author Type First Author,Corresponding Author
Number Of Authors 9
Language English