Wei-Ting Lyu
Name Wei-Ting Lyu
Phone 03-5712121 Ext.55184
Email wei0803(at)nycu.edu.tw
Title Assistant Engineer
Main Responsibilities Belongings and Space management
Responsibilities 1. Thermal and Fluid mechanics experiment 2.Microcomputer classroom (EE527) 3.Belongings and Space management 4.Phone and Internet management (including handling of infringement) 5.Equipment expenses, Commission funding and space 6.Access control system and Monitoring system 7.Department office, professors lounge, retired professor lounge, Visiting scholar office, etc. 8.Partition decoration(including partition decoration of new offices or laboratories, and procurement of office furniture) 9.Building repair(including leakage repair, painting) 10. Borrowing management of public equipments in storeroom (EE451) 11.Assistance: power outage notification, access control system of Engineering Building 5
Deputy Ker-Chen Liu