Spacecraft Integration and Test

  • 2019-12-02
  • 書報討論
Topic : Spacecraft Integration and Test
Speaker :  
Dr. Peter Chu 
Retired US spacecraft engineer

Date & Location : 

2019/12/05 (Thu) 3:30 pm - 5:20 pm
Engineering 5 Building B1 International Conference Hall (工程五館 B1 國際會議廳)

Abstract : 
Spacecraft integration and test is a broad topic usually taking many sessions to introduce This short talk uses one of the most advanced spacecraft to date, the James Webb Space Telescope, as an example to illustrate the process The JWST and its instruments will be briefly explained Videos will be played as time permits

Speaker Profile :
Dr Chu grew up merely a 30 min walk from this lecture hall He worked in the US spacecraft industry for 30 years, now retired and back in Taiwan He started as a controls and dynamics analyst on fine pointing, transferred to systems engineering and got familiar with spec, design, integration, test, launch, and operation of the whole spacecraft, optical and communication payloads, and ground system He then moved to program management for all aspects of spacecraft engineering and business, including supplier, customer service, schedule/cost, risk, contract, bid/proposal/teaming, and R&D Finally he managed intellectual properties and early conceptual R&D.