Seminar Announcement 2021/05/06: 3D Metal Printing for Medical Equipment Application

  • 2021-05-04
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Seminar Speaker: 黃偉欽
Title: 金屬3D列印的醫療器材應用
Date: 2021/05/06 (Thursday) 3:30 pm – 5:20pm
Location: Engineering 5 Building B1 International Conference Hall 


How will we struggle if our children could not grow normally? How will be the life without eating ability? We will have a brief introduction how metal 3D printing changes someone’s life, and how a foolish guy works hard for a dream. This is not an already successful story, but it is on the road.
Dr. Wei-Chin Huang is Project Manager of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Material science PH.D. in Taiwan. His fields of focus include Additive Manufacturing, Medical device, and Laser application. He is the coordinator of an ISO13485 certified 3D printing medical device factory (FoiAM), and lead the team develop 43 product designs and more than 20,000-pieces production for 3D printing medical device. Dr. Huang is the inventor with 30 patents for Metal Additive Manufacturing and Medical device product, published 28 papers with total 128 citations, winner of Innovation Award in Taiwan 2017, and got the R&D 100 Award Final list in 2015