Development of Energy-saving Applications Using Tailored Optical Responses of Periodic Micro/Nano-structures

  • 2020-03-20
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Topic : Development of Energy-saving Applications Using Tailored Optical Responses of Periodic Micro/Nano-structures

Speaker :  
陳玉彬 教授

Date & Location : 2020/03/26 (Thu) 3:30 pm - 5:20 pm
Engineering 5 Building B1 International Conference Hall (工程五館 B1 國際會議廳)

Optical responses (absorptance, emittance, reflectance, and transmittance) of a bulk material can be significantly tailored using micro/nano- structures,
whose characteristic lengths are close to the wavelength of UV, visible, and IR light.
Tailored responses can exhibit unique wavelength-dependence and direction-sensitivity for realizing novel applications or enhancing performance of currently available devices.
Energy harvesting and green building materials are two representative examples. The talk is going to explain their working principles and functions.
Mass fabrication process and measurement set-ups demonstrating unique radiative properties for mentioned applications will also be covered.