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Seminar on 2019/12/17 (Week 14)
Speaker:   Professor Chao-Chieh Lan of National Cheng Kung University
Title From passive to active force regulation,
Speech 948
Seminar on 2019/12/10 (Week 13)
Speaker:  Distinguished Professor Jing-Tang Yang of National Taiwan University
Title Flight mechanics of insects and the design of bionic micro-aircraft,
Speech 955
Seminar on 2019/12/3 (Week 12)
Speaker:  Distinguished Professor Ping-Hei Chen of National Taiwan University
Title Evaporation of water droplets and pool boiling heat transfer on plain and silica-coated copper surfaces textured with picosecond laser
Speech 865
Seminar on 2019/11/26 (Week 11)
 Speaker:  Distinguished Professor Jia-Yush Yen of National Taiwan University
Title Some Robotic Technologies for Minimally Invasive Surgery using Regular Surgical Tools
Speech 954
Seminar on 2019/11/19 (Week 10)
 Speaker: Professor Guo-En Chang of National Chung Cheng University
Title Straintronics for revoluting micro-nano electronics and photonics
Speech 886
Seminar on 2019/11/12 (Week 9)
Speaker: Professor Lung-jieh Yang of Tamkang University
Title Ruffle and valve design of flap wing surface
Speech 890
Seminar on 2019/11/5 (Week 8)
 Speaker: Wang, Hsiang-Sheng, M.D., Department of Anatomical Pathology Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
Title Automatic Mycobacterium tuberculosis detection using simple image processing with artificial intelligence
Speech 821
Seminar on 2019/10/29 (Week 7)
 Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Cheng-Yang Liu National Yang-Ming University, Department of biomedical engineering
Title Opto-Mechatronic Systems in Photonic Crystal, Light Scattering and Photonic Nanojet
Speech 1091
Seminar on 2019/10/22 (Week 6)
Speaker: Joseph Lee General Manager of Long Win Science & Technology Corp.
Title Practice of sustainable business strategy
Speech 1172
Seminar on 2019/10/15 (Week 5)
Speaker: Gee-Pinn James Too, Professor Department of Systems and Naval Mechatronic Engineering, National Cheng Kung University.
Title Underwater Acoustic Radiation: Modeling and Measurement
Speech 1178