​Internship Programme at Dyson (Only for Malaysian students)

  • 2018-02-23
  • admin
Internship Programme at Dyson
Purpose: This internship programme not only marks an inception of a long term collaboration to attain a higher standards in science and technology, but also to scout out talented individuals who may be part of the Dyson team in the future.
No. of students*: 2 students
*NOTE: This position is also open in Malaysia.
Period of internship: July – August 2018 (2 months)
Allowance: RM 1,000 per month
Topics of interest**: Investigate the vortex formation and energy efficiency of a vortex tube device using CFD
- To gain an understanding of the vortex phenomenon occurring in the device and the control parameters to it.
- To quantify the thermal and energy efficiencies of a vortex tube device operating at different operating conditions.
**NOTE: The topic is open for discussion.
Training provided:
- Intro – CAD Modelling
- Intro – CFD Modelling
- Intro – Fluid Dynamics
- Basic Application of Statistics
- General Dyson Training Package
- Mentoring by senior engineers
Company profile: 
We’re Dyson, a company known for an outstanding commitment to developing revolutionary solutions to every-day problems. Our revolutionary bagless vacuum cleaner has, over the last fourteen years, taken the worldwide market by storm and allowed us to become the most successful manufacturer in our field. Our products are the result of years of innovation and perseverance in design, and we’re pretty proud of them. Who wouldn’t be? They show exactly how determined we are and that only the best will do.