[internship opportunity] NUS Temasek Laboratories is providing internship opportunity to NCTU ME students

  • 2018-04-02
  • Wen-Chin Chen
The Aero-Science Group of Temasek Laboratories, National university of Singapore is looking for suitable postgraduate student intern:

During the period of internship, the student is required to work together with the scientists. The job scopes are, but not limited to:

i. Literature review on research topics

ii. Wind tunnel test model design and setup        

iii. Conduct wind tunnel test and force/torque measurement

iv. Conduct simulation on flow interaction 

v. Conduct flow field measurement using PIV, hot wire anemometry.

Hardworking student in the field of experimental and/or computational aerodynamics is preferred, otherwise hardworking student who are willing to learn new things is also welcomed to apply.     

We prefer someone who can commit for at least 6 months. Allowance of S$1500 per month will be paid for the position. Interested applicants may send his/her CV to Dr. Chan Woei Leong at tslcwl@nus.edu.sg