Ker-Cheng Liu
Name Ker-Cheng Liu
Phone (03)5712121 Ext. 55148
Email kjliu(at)
Title Engineer
Main Responsibilities Safety and health operations
Responsibilities 1.Material and Solid mechanics experiment 2.Safety and health operations 3.Air conditioning system (including cooling water tower and pump) 4.Phone system (including phone manager) 5.Maintenance of public equipments in Audio-visual classroom (EE324), Ladder classroom (EE106), General classroom (8 rooms) 6.Borrowing management and maintenance of public equipments in equipment office 7.Management and maintenance of public equipments in Department library (EE103), Drafting room (EE131) 8.Maintenance of public equipments in Meeting room (5 rooms) and Conference room (EE436) 9.Borrowing management of the key in Audio-visual classroom (EE324) and Conference room (EE436) 10.Borrowing management and maintenance of SEM equipments in Measurement Lab. (EE511) 11.Borrowing management and maintenance of MTS equipments in Material testing Lab. (EE B50) 12.Assistance:Health care, Department travel Planning,International conference hall
Deputy Wen-Chin Chen